Board Application

DrugFree WilCo


Position Description


Our mission is to prevent and reduce drug misuse and addiction among youth and adults; and to provide education, communication and awareness of resources in Wilson County, TN.

What We Do – DrugFree WilCo is a diverse 501c3 coalition for the benefit of Wilson County residents and others who wish to volunteer, donate, sponsor, and participate in thought and action to achieve our mission.

Why We Do It– To assure that Wilson County has safe, drug-free public spaces for a healthy community, and to increase an active youth environment to eliminate loneliness and isolation. Create awareness for prevention and stop the stigma for those who are in recovery.

Board Opportunity: DrugFree WilCo is currently expanding our board of directors and we are looking for new board members to enhance the skills and experience of the current board. Below is a list of board member responsibilities.

– Be passionate about and champion the mission of DrugFree WilCo

– Commit at least 1-2 hours a month to role as a board member.

– Use personal skill set to help organization.

– Engage personal network to help DrugFree WilCo’s fundraising efforts.

– Make it a priority to attend four board meetings each year.


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a board member, please contact Susan Shaw, Board Director at: and 615-444-1383. Qualified applicants will be interviewed and approved by members of the Board of Directors.

Thank you!